Language coaching

Combine the power of professional coaching with language courses to boost your team's performance!

Our commitment to the success of every employee

We identify your employee's language development goals before starting the course. We then analyse their learning preferences using our exclusive MyLEA analysis and assess their current level to offer them personalised language courses. This individual, tailored approach ensures rapid improvement in performance.

Our dual approach for rapid progress towards the language goal

We combine language courses with professional coaching when your employee encounters obstacles unrelated to the foreign language that prevent them from progressing towards their linguistic objective. Thanks to dedicated coaching, they will learn the foreign language more quickly, and will also perform tenfold better in all their assignments.

Our effective coaching process


Identifying common goals

between the HR manager, the manager, and the employee to improve your overall performance thanks to a coaching programme adapted to the useful linguistic level required.


MyLEA learning preference analysis and language assessment

to define your employee's learning preferences and starting language level, so that we can tailor our training programme to their specific needs and expectations.


Personalised language courses

tailored to your industry, your employee's development goals, their level of proficiency and their learning preferences. This approach supports the transfer of linguistic skills, abilities and business knowledge to ensure better performance.


Professional coaching

when we identify obstacles unrelated to learning the foreign language. With your agreement, we will carry out express coaching to remove these obstacles and enable your employee to progress towards their linguistic goal. For example, if your employee feels unable to speak in public, or lacks self-confidence.


Constantly adapting

thanks to our regular monitoring of your employee's satisfaction.

Why combine language courses with professional coaching?

Improving your employee's performance doesn't just involve language courses. Sometimes, it's necessary to work on blocking points unrelated to the foreign language to enable them to express themselves fluently in their target language.

Thanks to its engaging and empowering approach, coaching enables your team member to:

  • Understand the limits they impose on themselves.
  • Find their own solutions to overcome their challenges.
  • Identify their own resources.
  • Regain motivation.
  • Progress quicker.
  • Improve performance.

As part of a language course, professional coaching will help your employee gain self-confidence and make faster progress in learning the foreign language.

Why choose Speak’Pro ?

Triple adaptation:

We tailor our language courses to your industry, your employee's level of proficiency and their learning preferences, so that they acquire all the language skills they need to carry out their missions successfully.


We can adapt our language courses and language coaching to suit your employees' schedules.

Our certified professional coaches:

All our professional coaches are trained in the professional coaching approach and certified (EMCC, ICF, RNCP). They adhere to a strict code of professional ethics, guaranteeing the integrity of the process.

Certified language trainers:

All our language trainers hold a professional diploma and have at least 3 years’ experience in a professional setting.

Proven customer satisfaction:

We are proud of our 98.7% satisfaction rate (average from our customer satisfaction surveys between 2019 and 2021).

Our B2B services

B2B language courses

We offer private or group language courses, in-person or remote. These courses are adapted to your HR goals, your industry and your team’s linguistic levels.

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