B2B language courses

Language courses tailored to your business sector, your employees' professional goals, their language level and their learning preferences.

13 languages available*

*Other languages available on request

Language courses tailored to

  • Your industry.
  • Your employees’ current linguistic level.
  • Their required linguistic level.
  • Their learning preferences.
  • Their schedule.

To do this, we work with you to determine your teams' language goals. Then, we carry out our exclusive MyLEA analysis to identify their learning preferences, as well as a language assessment to determine their starting level.

Throughout the course, we will give priority to using your own work materials to encourage real-life situations.

Our courses

Individual language courses

Our in-person, B2B language courses are ideal for professionals who:

  • Follow a programme that is 100% tailored to their individual professional objectives and learning preferences.
  • Want a course tailored to their individual, professional goals.
  • Want to focus on a specific professional theme.

Duo language classes

Our in-person, duo courses are designed for two employees. They offer a lot of flexibility, just like our private courses, with the added benefit of a small-group dynamic. This creates a motivating atmosphere and facilitates oral expression.

Good to know: We ensure the people learning together have similar linguistic levels goals so that they can progress at a similar pace.

Group classes

Our in-person, group classes include 3 to 6 learners, so that we can tailor each lesson to their level. Your team-members will progress quickly thanks to the stimulating group dynamic created.

Good to know: we ensure the people learning together have similar linguistic levels goals so that they can progress at a similar pace.

Online B2B language courses

Do your employees travel regularly? Have they got a busy schedule? We offer distance learning B2B language classes to adapt to their location and schedule.

Our language trainer will schedule virtual classes according to your employee’s availability and work with him towards his linguistic goals. Our distance learning option also offers maximum flexibility, with classes as short as 30 minutes. Individual, duo or group remote courses available.

Our effective B2B process


Identifying common goals

between the HR team, the manager and the employee. This will allow us to define the linguistic level your employee needs to achieve to improve his performance.


Analysing learning preferences and language levels

to define your employee's learning preferences and starting language level. We will then adapt our learning programme to their specific needs and expectations.


Language courses

adapted to your industry, your business goals, your budget and your colleague’s current level.


Follow-up reports

provided regularly, thanks to audits and satisfaction surveys throughout the course. This ensures you can easily evaluate your ROI.

Total linguistic immersion with our innovative digital learning platform

Your team-members can have access to our engaging digital learning platform. They will enjoy an immersive linguistic experience thanks to:

  • Video-classes, podcasts and resources adapted to your industry and your colleague’s job and missions.
  • Vocabulary and grammar workshops to improve their technical language skills.
  • Our personalised vocabulary and grammar content library. You will build your understanding of your new language thanks to our wealth of resources.


Good to know: you will have access to their online reporting tool, to assess your team members’ progress quickly.

Why choose Speak’Pro?

Adapting to you:

We tailor our courses to your business sector, your goals, the useful level of each employee and their learning preferences.


Your employees can schedule courses whenever they want between 7am and 8pm Monday to Friday. Do they have to cancel a class? They can reschedule it easily if they warn us by 5pm the day before.

Certified language trainers:

All our language trainers hold a professional diploma and have at least 3 years’ experience in a professional setting.

Proven customer satisfaction:

Our current customer satisfaction rate is 98,7%.

*Customer survey average between 2019 and 2021.

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