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Languages for human links!

Our mission since 2010

We commit to your company’s success and to the professional and personal development of your employees thanks to innovative language learning solutions.

Speak’Pro is an international language courses expert, founded in 2010 following two observations:

Some people learn languages quicker than others.

Some people enjoy coming to class whilst others dread it.

We asked ourselves:

How can we help learners to develop their talents through language learning?

The answer is simple:

By adapting the learning method to each learner!

To achieve this, we have drawn on our extensive teaching, linguistic and support expertise to develop a unique and recognised method: the Speak'Pro method.

This method combines defining the learner's professional objective and analysing their learning preferences in order to:

  • Tailor their classes to their preferences.
  • Allow them to reach the required linguistic level to boost their confidence and performance.

This innovative approach is key to our success!

We aim to stay true to our original amibtion and continue to optimise our methode using the latest neuroscientific findings to improve our bespoke language courses.

Our B2B focus

We have an in-depth knowledge of business processes and the challenges you face. We engage with your performance cycle with flexibility, adaptability and ethics through an effective five-step process.

Identifying your goals

We identify common business goals between the HR department, the manager and the employee we will be working with in order to create bespoke language training solutions. These goals are at the heart of our reporting process and of our quality audits throughout our training.

MyLEA's Learning Preferences Analysis

We identify each employee's learning and support preferences using our exclusive MyLEA analysis. This step is essential if we are to offer you a solution that is 100% tailored to each employee.

Linguistic assessment

We identify your employee's initial language level so that we can offer them a learning path that is 100% adapted to their needs. 

Bespoke, flexible language courses

We offer a wide range of training solutions, adapted to your goals, your industry and your budget to meet your expectations.

On-going support and reporting

We carry out regular audits and satisfaction surveys to provide you with up-to-date reports throughout the programme. This will help you identify your ROI quickly.

We listen to you and adapt to your needs: this makes all the difference!

Our clients trust our process. We are proud of our 98.7% satisfaction rate.

*Average of all satisfaction surveys carried out between 2019 and 2021

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